Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Parting Ways, Time To Make 'Cents' Of Life:

Landlords of Lower Nicola - Thank You!!!
For my entire life I have kept myself up to the ears in hockey, as it has been a deep, deep passion of mine since the moment I laced up the skates. From being a player to just enjoying following the game, there is just something about this sport that has made me want to commit my life to it.

As many Junior hockey parents find out, the journey is often one that can come at a high cost, and although the positions I have been fortunate enough to hold are ones that do come with pay; they also require a great deal of time commitment. I have always felt as though I am 'home' when I walk through the doors of any arena, especially when suited up with my broadcast back over my shoulder.

I have thought long and hard and have decided that for the security of my long-term success in whatever I do, that it is best for me to take time away from the game to address this thing we call reality.

Through the course of my time in Merritt, I have built a strong rapport with this organization and community, and that is something I will never take for granted. I was truly blessed to have some incredible people around me for support, while there was select others that made self-growth extremely difficult. It is with combination from the good and the bad that we are able to become stronger and the person we hope to be.

To the players; this is a group that I believe to be very special. There is nothing that can stop you guys from achieving your goals both this season and in your futures. With great effort, comes great results. Remember that to wear the Cents jersey is an honour and you should give forth your best each and every day.

This is what I'll be operating!
Thanks for the memorable road trips and interviews, there was a great connection with all of you that made working with you all a blast every day. Trace, Nach, Sleek-Malik, Willcx, SammyJ and JohnnyS, Diegs, Cliff, Oakesy, Gav, Pauly, Teves and Pupps, I'll miss you boys!!

Tune in to every Cents game with Dave Ashbaugh from here on out, and give him a follow on Twitter as well @AshbaughDave!

As for me, stay tuned next spring for an announcement on my personal play-by-play career. For this season, I may try and do some AJHL fill-in while the City of Cold Lake is also hosting the Keystone Cup; something I'd love to be a part of.

Thanks, and keep those smiles on your faces through the thick, through the thin, and everything in between!

RIP 797 - Miss My Bro Jason

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