Thursday, September 29, 2011

SPCA Pet Patrol

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Huskies 2011/2012 Roster

Here is the roster of the 2011-2012 Fort St. John Huskies of the NWJHL. I will be adding player information as it becomes available. If a former team is given, there is also a link to the players stats with that team. If you know any information on these players, please give me an email(click to send) with some information of what you know! Thanks.


#1- Travis Mclean- Fort St. John, BC 1992
#30- Ty Gullickson- Fort St. John, BC 1991Columbia Valley Rockies(KIJHL)


#5- Tylar Bestward- Chetwynd, BC Princeton Posse(KIJHL)
#7- Jesse Newton- Chetwynd, BC 1992
#9- Jordan Gies- Fort St. John, BC 1993 Columbia Valley Rockies(KIJHL)
#12- Cory Langdon- Fort St. John, BC 1990
#14- Jaxon Glass- Whitehorse, Yukon 1992
#18- Wyatt Anderson- Fort St. John, BC
#23- Junior Apsassin- Fort St. John, BC 1992
#24- John Apsassin- Fort St. John, BC 1993
#26- Dayne Peterson- Fort St. John, BC 1991
Lucas Vitik


#4- Brighton Campbell- Fort St. John, BC 1993
#8- Cody Hildebrand- Fort St. John, BC 1991
#10- John Wayne-Howes- Chetwynd, BC 1990
#11- Beaudon Lancaster- Charlie Lake, BC
#15- Jamie Watson
#16- Robbie Sidhu- Fort St. John, BC 1991
#17- Mike Bacon- 1992
#19- Chris Sperling- Fort St. John, BC 1992
#20- Connor Rose- Fort St. John, BC 1992
#21- Blair Karasiuk- Fort St. John, BC
#22- Cole Calliou- Fort St. John, BC 1990
#25- Graeme Rubisch- Quesnel, BC
#27- Tyrell Fenton- Fort St. John, BC
#28- Riley Apsassin- Fort St. John, BC
Trenton Forshner- Kamloops, BC

Interesting Stat of the day: Robbie Sidhu is now tied for 2nd all time in Huskies points with Dylan Apsassin and is 22 points back of Cody Kalb for the all time lead.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First road game Saturday, MEGA BOWL OCT.7th!!!

The Huskies are preparing for their road trip on Saturday down to Grande Prairie, and that means I as well, am getting ready. The first broadcast on 100.1 Moose FM will be taking place at 8:15 Saturday evening and it's my first ever radio broadcast. Last season I was strictly internet, and ppv, so you can imagine how much larger the crowd will be this time around.

I would like to thank Ryan Pinder, Jon Zacks, and Mike Feeney for giving me these huge shoes that I am now hoping to fill. They did an excellent job in FSJ and I really am looking forward to bringing it to that 'next level'. The staff thart are involved in the Huskies have been so awesome throughout the past couple weeks, and I am looking forward to working with them and making the teams presence in the community known. It's going to be a hell of a year!

If you were listening to my show Monday and Tuesday, you probably would have heard me rant about the disappointing crowd that attended the home opener. I have taken it upon myself to gather FSJ residents for the next home game on October 7th against Sexsmith. I want to pack the NPA with die hard, loud, enthusiastic fans. I made a joke reference towards Will Ferrel's Semi Pro, and now I want YOU to tell all of your friends and family about the FORT ST JOHN MEGA BOWL!! What's special about this 'Mega Bowl' you ask? Oh... nothing... It's just another game for the Pups, but this time, they're going to play in front of the largest crowd in Huskies history. SO, let's do this FSJ. 8:00, Saturday October 7th. North Peace Arena!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Opener gives Huskies slow start to season:


Tonight the 1-0-0-0 Grande Prairie JDA Kings rolled in to the North Peace Arena to open the season for the 0-0-0-0 Fort St John Huskies. Last night the Kings steamrolled the Beaverlodge Blades 12-4 in Beaverlodge, and were led by Kevin Garner and Nolan Trudeau(2+2 each). Chad Sutherland and Daniel Bishop had 3 point nights and Tyler Vant Erve made 14 saves on 18 shots as the Kings peppered 76 shots towards the Blades goaltenders, who split duties.

Tonight's game was a tad more defensive; although the Kings rattled 33 shots towards Huskies netminder Ty Gullickson, prior to being replaced late in the 3rd frame. The final score ended up being 5-3 for the visitors in this one, with the shot count being 33-18 in Grande Prairies' favor as well. The Huskies got 2 goals from Robbie Sidhu and John Wayne-Howes picked up a pair of helpers, while Nolan Trudeau and Daniel Bishop both buried doubles for the Kings. Jaxon Glass(FSJ) and Justin Hoisington(GPK) had singles for their respective teams in the contest. 

A few names i'd like to point out from my days in the KIJHL, Ty Gullickson(Columbia Valley), Graeme Rubisch(Chase), Jordan Gies(Columbia Valley) and Tyler Bestward(Princeton). There may be more that I am unaware of, but I just felt like giving the old KIJHL-to-NWJHL hello!

Penalties seemed to come in spurts, as 3 different scrums resulted in 66 PIM's, leaving just 12 minutes in penalties to 'during the play' calls. Suprisingly the fisticuffs were not thrown, although 3-10 minute misconducts were given out. 

The next Huskies game can be heard on 100.1 Moose FM(click to listen live!) next Saturday, October 1st, at 8:15 from the Grande Prairie Coca-Cola Center, in a rematch between tonight's combatants. The next HOME game for the Huskies is Friday, October 7th against the Sexsmith Vipers at 8:00, at the North Peace Arena.

BURLAP SACK TIME!!! The crowd tonight... Come on Fort St John, where are you? Cheap, entertaining Hockey is what you wanted; and that's what you have, so come and get it! I would love to see a bigger crowd next home game! I did the PA Announcing tonight and had too many prizes to give away, including A&W Gift Cards, PriceSmart, Lakepointe Golf and Country Club and much much more. I need fans in attendance to give these awesome prizes too, folks.

Also, the Huskies debuted their new uniforms tonight!! I think they took a step back from the Boston Bruins Reebok style uniforms with these new 'busy' jerseys. They are very fancy, but a difficult to read number font makes shoulder numbers hard to read, and the back numbers have almost no spacing between them. Very modern, although some may argue retro is the new modern. They're very... technical. Spiffy, fancy, beautiful! Just could use some work in terms of number fonts and shouler number placement.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Road Trip to Heather Mountain Lodge

Hey everyone, so this past weekend your very own Ft. St. John Huskies kicked off ye' olde season with a couple of exhibition games with the Dawson Creek Canucks. Friday they were in DC, suffering a 5-4 loss; and Friday was redemption time as the Huskies pick up 8 goals compared to the Canucks 2. So now they look to the regular season, and it will arrive on Saturday September 24th as the Huskies host the Grande Prairie JDA Kings at the North Peace Arena. Puck drop is 8:00 PM!

This weekend I was down in Golden/Revelstoke attending a cousins wedding. Congrats to Rick and Leanne! I took the Columbia Icefield Highway home and here are some of the pictures I captured. Keep in mind I am not running a big Canon camera, this is a regular old digital camera which I love!

Above: Rick and Leanne exchanging vows
Left: The first stretch heading in to the Icefield Parkway

Above: My brother and I on the bridge.
Left: The view from the cabin the reception was held in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exhibition Season ready to kick off!

I've been in Fort St. John for 4 days now, and wow am I impressed! Thank you to everyone who has given me this out-pouring of positive energy. I have learned that some communities really do come together in love and appreciation.
The only thing bigger than The Afternoon Drive on 100.1 Moose FM, is coming... October 1st! Are you ready? That's the night when your very own Fort St. John Huskies take to the road for the first time in the 2011-2012 season, as we head to Grande Prairie to take on the Kings. What a blast it will be! If you plan on listening, remember; pre game show at 8:15, puck drop at 8:30. I'll be bring all the action to the Moose along with Sean Assor, my trustee sidekick.
I plan on bringing something new to the broadcasts, sure, you've heard some pretty darn good broadcasters come through the station; Ryan Pinder(Twitter), Jon Zacks(Twitter) and most recently, the one and only Mike Feeney(Twitter). I plan on bringing a new energy and broadcast style, while sticking to the traditional Jim Hughson format. Speaking of the Fort St John native, did I mention he's my broadcasting idol? What's that? You know him??? WELL HOOK ME UP! I'd love to do an interview with Jim but have no clue how to get ahold of him, so hey FSJ, help me out!

Please email me any info you may have to help the hunt for Jim!

I will be providing the roster the Huskies have decided on, as soon as it is available. It's going to be an exciting year in the Peace Country, I'm Dustin Scafe, and i'll see you at the rink!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First post of the 2011/2012 Season!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new digs! I'm Dustin Scafe, and I am more than happy to say that I will be bringing Junior and Senior Hockey to you live all season on 100.1 Moose FM! I'll give a brief introduction for myself, but this blog is the home of Huskies, so I will promptly get to the good stuff!
Well firstly, I hail from Vernon, BC and called play by play last season for the Sicamous Eagles of the KIJHL. Before that, I was a forward with the North Okanagan Knights of that very league, for a short time, before realizing my Hockey career had come to an end(on the ice, that is). In July of this year, I moved from Vernon to Leduc, Alberta to work for the summer months. Moving here was easy as I spent my highschool years in that very town. I worked with a company called Sureway Construction; and if you want a job in the capital region doing Earthworks, they get a big thumbs up from me. Then, throughout August, my interest started growing in the broadcast industry after growing up loving radio and dreaming of one day following Jim Hughson to the NHL. I landed a few interviews with some pretty high quality programs, and until last Friday, my future as a broadcaster was in limbo. But then, I was saved. This incredible group decided to give me an opportunity to become the PxP guy for the Huskies and Flyers, as well as become the Manager of Production at 100.1 Moose FM. Now here I am, sitting in my bedroom enjoying the crisp air of the north, loving life and every second of it. Whaddya say we talk some Hockey already?!?

Today I had a chance to head to the North Peace Arena and check out the place! WOW! Here I drive up to a building that could really use a paint job(I think the whole town needs a can or 2 of paint), and was rather curious what I was going to walk in to. Then I stepped through the doors, and my jaw dropped! What an awesome facility, the people of Fort St. John are blessed to have an aged facility be in such pristine condition. I also had the chance to check out the Enerplex, and that place was a definite eye-catcher; although I am very curious as to who the architect was. It is extremely beautiful, however I talked to a few people around the arena who had the same view as myself, how big are the monthly bills to keep the buildings temperature regulated?

Now to the team we're looking at! I arrived just as the boys were heading off the ice, but with 9 returnee's from last seasons 14-21-0-0 roster, it seems there's a bit of work to be done. I had a good chat with the coaching staff and office staff, and they stated that the team has come a long ways since camp opened up earlier this week. That means the boys fitness levels must be returning to game shape! Robbie Sidhu and Cody Hildebrand lead the pack, as both players will play dominant roles this season after posting 41 and 30 points respectively. Both goaltenders are going to be returning this season, as Ty Gullickson and Travis Mclean look to improve on their below-par seasons in 2010. I will get to a bit more information as time goes on, most likely tomorrow evening.

The NWJHL has had a few changes over the off-season, notably by giving the Slave Lake Wolves a leave of absense due to some hardships they were unable to solve. Another big change was the switching of names for the Grande Prairie Wheelers, as they were earlier in the year, sold to a local family. The Wheelers will now be known as the Grande Prairie JDA Hotshot Oilfield Hauling KINGS. Since 2008, the team had been run by GPMHA.

Thanks all for now! I look forward to bringing you guys all sorts of goodies this season! I can be reached in the following ways:
Twitter: dustinscafe
Facebook: Dustin Scafe